<______PUBLIC> DESIGN AND LOADING OF WEB PAGES Copyright 2015 © JOHN C. REIS You need a computer with a floppy disk in the usb port and public domain programs HTML kit and FILZILLA. You also need the briliant and necessary Coffeecup WEBSITE ACCESS MANAGER.

USE THE access manager and enter the below parameters to select the HTML folder for your website.

If there is a file in the wrong folder use the access manager and FILEZILLA to remove it.

Place a formatted floppy in your A; drive. Start HTML KIT. Set it to use the A drive. It will interface with FILZILLA. Use HTML kit to design your page. When the page design is complete set HTML kit to preview and check it. If satisfied, EXIT htmlkit and start FILEZILLA.

WRITE DOWN FOR EACH SITE THE filezilla input variables are: host: user name: password: port: they are assigned by your server.

Every web page you create must include the below tags: *


*loading web pages

* * * Delete the * for your actual design The file name of the first page in a website should be index.htm The other file names should be descriptive of the contents. Turn on HTMLKIT Edit USING THE EDIT MODE OF htmlkit

When satisfied, save the file on the A drive (floppy) exit HTMLKIT. sTART filezilla Enter FILEZILLA input variables for the site DOUBLE CLICK the edited file (illuminated file name)or click and drag file file to transmit( drag from A: drive to server window) Inspect website to view new file. printed april 9 2015